645 Fifth Avenue

The Heart of New York
Centered in Midtown Manhattan at the nexus of the world’s most iconic business, fashion, and shopping districts, Olympic Tower is an icon of architecture and a beacon of culture. Its pioneering presence on Fifth Avenue — spanning past, present, and future — remains at the center of it all.

The Great Hall

Vital Pulse
The newly renovated great hall is an inviting, lively concourse and cultural hub. Alluring 30-foot ceilings frame a modern, comfortable public passageway and respite, grounding the space with natural elements including green walls, trees, falling water, and a circadian lighting system. Tartinery, a premier NYC cafe and coffee bar located within the great hall, features craft coffee by Irving Farm and offers a Parisian influence to this aspirational space – a luxurious oasis featuring state-of-the-art amenities and dramatic artwork. LEARN MORE
645 Fifth Avenue